Green Skinny Protein

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  • Control your hunger & boost post-workout recovery 
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • 2 vegan proteins enriched with 3 green superfoods 
  • 62% highly absorbable protein & only 1.4g carbs per serving

If you need something to prevent you from snacking in-between meals and help control your hunger, then meet our Green Skinny Protein Candy smoothie. This drink is packed with nutrients with strong amino acids from hemp protein, moringa, and spirulina--giving you the highest source of protein with micronutrients that help with muscle recovery. For hydration, we’ve added cucumbers and paired it with pineapples, banana, dates to satisfy your sweet tooth without any added sugar!


Cucumber + Pineapple + Banana + Date + Vanilla + Pea Protein + Hemp Protein + Moringa + Spirulina + Alfalfa