All good ideas start with a problem. Our story began with the desire to eat healthy and the desire to inspire our community to reach any nutritional goals that they may have.

The only problem is, eating healthy requires time, energy and effort that we simply don't have due to our fast-paced lifestyle. So the end result is that we turn to quick fixes and alternatives that almost always compromise on nutrition.

That’s when we decided we do it ourselves and bring RawASF to our community. We are here to deliver real, unprocessed, unrefined foods in the most convenient format possible: frozen. But why frozen? That’s because freezing fruits and vegetables within hours of being harvested retains nutrients and locks in freshness. It’s like hitting pause on nature.

We don't believe in counting calories, we care about packing our smoothies full of nutrients and delicious flavour. Our products are more than just healthy, they are whole foods that are nutritious and makes us happy. At RawasF we’re all about simple, fresh produce without artificial flavours or additives. Just genuine fresh ingredients and their individual, delicious flavours.

The mission behind our drinks is so that you shouldn't have to choose between taste, health, and convenience. RawASF makes getting out the door easy without compromising on your nutritional assurance by delivering delicious, convenient, and easy-to-make drinks right to your door.