Protein + Recovery

Chocolate Protein

  • Curb your cravings and boost your mood 
  • Delicious taste thanks to cacao, coconut and lucuma
  • Highest plant-based source of iron with 32+ grams of protein
  • High in magnesium, zinc and essential fatty acids 

Boost your workout + recovery and get lean with our Chocolate Protein! Cacao is a raw form of chocolate that has all of the health benefits without the added sugar and fat that make processed chocolate so unhealthy. This smoothie contains all essential amino acids with 32+ grams of vegan proteins and energizing superfoods, with no added sweeteners. Aside from its transportive qualities, this smoothie superhero is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, key antidotes for what ails you. Add a dose of almond butter for some protein and healthy fat, and you will be feeling beachy-keen in no time.


Banana + Cauliflower + Peanut Butter + Dates + Pea Protein + Brown Rice Protein + Monk Fruit + Cocao

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