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Peach + Goji Berry + Strawberry + Banana + Raspberry + Chia Seeds + Vanilla + Guarana + Maca + Lucuma


Are you relying on coffee to get out of bed in the morning and beat the 3 P.M. slump? We’ve got a solution for you. Boost your energy and get all your antioxidants in one fell swoop with our Pumped AF smoothie! The superfoods in this drink are known to boost your energy level, providing you with clarity, natural caffeine, and countless micronutrients for long-lasting power without crashes. The superfoods -- guarana, maca, lucuma, and goji berry -- just to name a few -- are not only super nutritious, but also super delicious with its natural, sweet taste.

  • A great healthy alternative to coffee 
  • 5 energizing superfoods - no additives!
  • Boost your energy levels for up to 8 hours
  • Contains antioxidants, fiber, and heart-healthy fats